Coconut Oil for Breakfast


I was so excited when I found this little travel packet of coconut oil at Whole Foods.  I love the fact that when I’m traveling I can take it along to have with my coffee.  Coconut oil has those wonderful medium chain fatty acids (MCT) that converts to fuel for our bodies instead of being stored like other fats. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid which has been proven to kill fungi and viruses so it’s very beneficial for those suffering with leaky gut or yeast overgrowth.   So, instead of breakfast I’ll have black coffee and pop open one of these packets when I’m away from home for a healthy and quick breakfast.  I like it straight from the package or you can add it to your coffee. Yummy either way.

And  if you don’t like to eat coconut oil you may consider using it as a healthy way to  moisturize  your face and body.  These little packets make it super convenient to take along on trips.


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